Case Study: Eden Project | aql Core IoT Platform

Harnessing IoT for a greener future: aql's Eden Project IoT test bed.

At aql, we believe in the power of technology to create a positive impact on our environment. Our collaboration with the Eden Project exemplifies this belief, showcasing how IoT sensors can be leveraged to monitor and protect our planet's delicate ecosystems.

*Live data from Eden Project

Powering the Eden Project

The Eden Project’s diverse solution from aql include sensors that capture environmental data as well as a building management platform that tracks fuel and water usage. Their point-of-sale platforms also monitor food consumption. Data is collected using aql Edge gateways, MultiTech gateways and Microsoft Excel. Thanks to aql Core’s agnostic approach, we’re able to seamlessly integrate this data from multiple sources, offering the Eden Project team a unified dashboard for real-time tracking and monitoring. This approach allows for the display of up to date readings across all monitored parameters, enabling the Eden Project team to efficiently manage both administrative information and visualise and translate real-time environmental data from their biomes into a human-readable format for visitors to see.

Eden Universe screen shot 1 Eden Universe screen shot 2
Eden Project G7 screen shot


High bandwidth and low latency 5G was needed to offer high-resolution 360 VR cameras. The ability to capture live sensor readings from disparate sources and manage them through a single platform was also required to empower the Eden Project’s plans to reduce their carbon footprint.


aql 5G and LoRaWAN network powered by our Core IoT platform was installed. It created a single view of truth for sensor data from aql, third party gateways, Eden’s Building Management System and third party data collection sources. The Eden Project team used this data to create an Eden Universe narrative built upon the Core IoT platform API.

aql Core
Eden Project Dashboards

Advancing Environmental Awareness
With Cutting-edge Tech

Powering the Eden Universe through our API exemplifies how we at aql are committed to advancing environmental education and sustainability. As we continue to innovate, our technology will remain at the forefront of promoting environmental awareness and fostering a more connected, informed global community.

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