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Core & Edge is suited to businesses looking to improve agriculture productivity by enabling real-time data for use cases such as soil moisture measurement, irrigation, environmental monitoring and more. Sensor devices connect through the Core system which provides instant access to data, increasing efficiency, simplifying asset management, and reducing waste.

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Using IoT in agriculture can help you analyse, optimise and manage your resources, reducing the impact of increased utility bills, unpredictable weather patterns and labour shortages. Read more to find out how aql Core can support and empower your business.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Stay connected to your assets at all times with our Edge boards. Monitor parameters such as soil moisture, temperature, humidity and more and set up instant alerts and notifications so that the Core platform will notify you immediately when you need to make a decision.

  • Accurate Resource Management

    The use of multiple sensors allows you to pinpoint issues, such as soil moisture that only affects one area, allowing you to precisely allocate the necessary resources to solve the issue without wastage. Sensors can also be used to track the movement of livestock remotely.

  • Analysis-driven Decisions

    Analyse sensor data to create highly efficient controls for irrigation, light control, temperature  and more. Quick and easy access to data allows you to fine-tune settings and schedules to find the optimal balance for your requirements.

  • Flexible Connectivity

    Edge gateways can be connected to the Core platform through a wide array of connectivity options, allowing you to choose the type that best suits your needs. From low-powered LoRaWan sensors to low-latency super-fast 5G connectivity, we can provide the ideal connectivity solution for your Core & Edge.

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