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Smart Cities

aql has been empowering a connected society for over 25 years using urban sensors connected through our mobile network. Some examples of Core’s smart city applications include energy management, environmental analysis, smart lighting and smart building management, ensuring every aspect of a smart city can be managed and connected through our aql network and Core IoT platform.

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Smart Cities

IoT-enabled smart cities improve asset optimisation, reduce cost and increase efficiency by providing historical data analysis and helping project future data. Read more to find out how Core can empower your business.

  • Energy Management

    Utilising LoRaWAN energy sensors or through our smart Edge boards, our Core platform can easily monitor and manage your energy consumption. Smart urban streetlights can be easily controlled and optimised according to people flow, weather conditions, and traffic.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Our Core platform can monitor all aspects of environmental monitoring, such as air quality, noise levels, and waste management. It can easily detect and address environmental issues promptly and accurately, leading to cleaner, healthier and safer urban environments.

  • Smart Transportation

    Real-time traffic data can be collected and used in the control of traffic flow, reducing congestion and improving traffic efficiency. Accurate data can also be provided for public transport, showing schedules, peak times and busyness, and delays. Smart parking can help control and distribute parking throughout city centres.

Empowering You Through IoT

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