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Gateway Connectivity Options

Choosing the right connectivity method for your IoT solution can help to optimise battery life, improve coverage, and enhance the overall performance and management of your IoT applications. Below is a list of connectivity options we provide, as well as their uses.

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Seamless Solutions for a Connected World

  • 5G provides high bandwidth and ultra-low latency, making it ideal for devices and technologies that require real-time processing. 5G’s high bandwidth allows the large-scale adoption of IoT devices, making it a great solution for scalable operations. We have several 5G test beds across the UK which demonstrate the benefits of a 5G enabled IoT network.

  • 4G consumes less power than 5G, while still providing fast data transfer and low latency, meaning device batteries can last longer. This makes it perfect for devices placed in hard to access locations that still need to transmit data efficiently. Our 4G network serves an extremely wide network across both urban and rural areas.

  • NB-IoT is specially designed for low-power applications and is ideal for stable coverage in places such as deep underground or in locations where other forms of connectivity are blocked by thick walls or natural barriers.

  • Low Earth orbit satellites offer connectivity in extremely remote regions that other solutions are unable to. They provide low latency and massive scalability potential, making them a good choice for tracking large numbers of IoT devices across wide areas.

Wireless Sensor Connectivity

Our Core platform supports a variety of sensor wireless connectivity options:

  • Using LoRaWan, sensors can transmit data over an area of several kilometres with minimal energy output, meaning device batteries last longer and require minimal maintenance. This makes it ideal for multiple sensors placed over a vast area.

  • BLE sensors don't offer the range of LoRaWAN but are easy to install and support high bandwidth readings, which can then be easily connected through our Edge gateway board for immediate reporting and analysis.

Connectivity lies at the heart of Core

The Core platform can connect to a diverse range of connectivity options to meet your needs. Whether you require high speed, low latency, long range, low power consumption or wide coverage, the Core platform can utilise a connectivity option that will best suit your requirements.

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