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aql Core has been built to support your end-to-end IoT needs. Our platform is easy to use while also supporting a wealth of developer-friendly features to enable all IoT projects.

Developer Friendly

Our platform is built for developers. Through our Core API, every element of the platform can be built and controlled through a REST endpoint. Devices and gateways can be created and readings can be uploaded and queried to create a wealth of IoT projects.

Data can be uploaded securely through our REST API, MQTT service bus, or through our UDP LoRa endpoints. Access to these is controlled through our Core platform. You can easily create API tokens and SSL certificates to connect through HTTP or MQTT.

Our Edge boards can be extended through our open source Edge firmware. Our custom decoders allow you to easily write Node.JS to parse sensors into easy to read JSON objects.

3rd Party Integrations

Using our Core API, you can easily integrate sensor readings from a range of 3rd party solutions from companies such as The Things Network, Aranet Cloud, ChirpStack and SigFox. With webhook integration, JSON data from other platforms can also be integrated easily.

With our MQTT and LoRa protocol layers, you have complete flexibility to integrate sensor readings into the Core platform.

The Core platform can also upload CSV sensor data directly from emails submitted through our managed email infrastructure.

Broadcast sensor readings and alarm notifications to external platforms such as Slack, X (previously known as Twitter), and Zabbix using aql Core’s integrations feature. We also support integrations via MQTT or HTTP web hooks and updates can be sent periodically, in real time, or in response to multi-level alarms being triggered.

Custom Decoders

With our powerful sensor decoders, easily convert raw readings into human readable JSON and add custom variables through custom Node.JS function blocks. Easily create code blocks that can be reused for multiple device readings.

A starter code pack to decode the most common sensors is available to download from our GitHub.

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With aql Core analytics you can create powerful, real-time dashboards for each location capable of easily managing any sensor reading or combination of readings. Fully configurable dashboards mean you’re free to create a layout and reporting solution to suit your needs.

Using scheduled analytics you can configure automated reporting that can be viewed 24/7 within the Core platform and/or emailed directly to both users and non-users of the Core platform. Readings are refreshed in real-time as new values are processed through the Core platform. With shareable data charts, readings can also be embedded into web portals to show real-time values.

Events Engine

With the aql Core notification engine you can easily configure sensor thresholds to manage sensor warnings and alarms. You can also configure event notifications for sensors which haven't submitted reports for a period of time.

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