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White Rose Park 5G IoT Testbed

aql and Ingenuity are proud to present the White Rose Park 5G IoT testbed. The living lab leverages the Core IoT Platform powered by our high bandwidth and low latency 5G Mobile Network.

What is the Testbed

An actual living laboratory within White Rose Park where innovators can experiment, prototype, and test their ideas in a controlled environment. This allows them to validate and fine-tune their solutions, ensuring they are practical, scalable, and impactful. Here, innovation takes tangible form, and we can witness the power of our collective efforts.

Mark Mildren

Co-Founder of Ingenuity

"With the launch of the White Rose Park IoT Testbed powered by aql's Core IoT Platform and 5G Mobile network, we can now collaborate and implement innovative strategies for utilising the real-time data to inform environmental policies and address societal needs. By defining the objectives of utilising live data visualisations in the White Rose Park 5G IoT testbed, such as monitoring air quality, we can look at assessing potential transport impacts and its real-life implications when we make an intervention."

What is Ingenuity

Smarter city themed innovation hub, testbed and programme

Ingenuity is our vision for a smarter Leeds. An exciting concept for democratising and de-risking the innovation pathway - a machine that brings together the power of collaboration, real-world experimentation, and cutting-edge technology, creating opportunities for everyone to contribute to making Leeds a smarter city.

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Live IoT Readings from the IoT Testbed.

Live data displaying PM2.5*, Co2, humidity, temperature and air pressure is visualised, showing us the values in real time. Over time, accumulated data could be used to assess potential health impacts, monitor air pollution levels, and inform decisions about environmental policies.

The visualisations below demonstrate the capabilities of the aql LoRa and 5G Mobile Network deployed across the White Rose Park. These were all built using

Live Data


0 ppm






0 hPa

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