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Devices and sensors collect real-time data on machine performance that can assist in either manual or automated optimisation, assist in proactive maintenance scheduling, enhance quality control through defect detection, and more. IoT-enabled devices can communicate with one another to share data, allowing for increased efficiency and the automation of tasks, freeing up staff for more complex work.

Using aql’s fast and resilient 5G network, the AMRC Factory of the Future utilises the Core platform to monitor advanced manufacturing processes and experiments.

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Using IoT in manufacturing can be incredibly beneficial. Access to a wide range of data can extend machine longevity, monitor and improve worker safety, and further ensure quality control. Read more to find out how Core can support and empower your business.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Data surrounding temperature, pressure, and energy consumption can be gathered and analysed using sensors connected to our Core platform. This can then be used to monitor and improve efficiency, improve logistics, and provide early warnings for anomalies and problems.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Through sensors managed and connected to the Core platform, manufacturers can predict when machines are likely to require maintenance or when changes need to be made due to conditions such as increased temperature.

  • Quality Control

    Sensors can be integrated into the manufacturing processes, allowing them to monitor product quality parameters in real-time. Data collected from the sensors can be visualised on the Core platform, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify defects or deviations from quality standards, reducing waste and ensuring consistent quality control.

  • Enhanced M2M Communication

    By allowing machines to communicate sensor data to one another via the Core platform, parameters and controls can be placed to enhance automation. Through doing this, production efficiency can be improved and errors can be reduced.

  • Improved Safety

    Sensors can be used to monitor worker safety through detecting hazardous conditions and alerting workers to these potential dangers. Additionally, machine safety will be improved through predictive maintenance, reducing safety incidents that stem from damaged machines.

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